Have you ever wondered why the rich keep getting RICH-ER?

Have you ever wondered why the poor and middle class keep getting POOR-ER?

Are you ready to start building wealth for your family and future?

...Then this is the right book for you!

Imagine you had a friend who has devoted his life to learning. He once represented one of the largest financial services companies in the United States. He sat at the feet of successful individuals and having been mentored by millionaires, took every conversation to heart as a lesson. He then took all these lessons about, money mindset, wealth principles, traditional and radical financial concepts, and turned them into an all-in-one reference book on wealth creation.

He boiled down over 30 years worth of wealth and prosperity lessons into a thick Financial Boot Camp that you could complete in just 30 Days.

Would you take advantage of that edge?

Of Course You Would!

But, who would be crazy enough to do something like that?

His Name is Michael Deer

As a life coach, author, and speaker, Michael has devoted his life to empowering every single person he comes in contact with.

As his celebration gift to the World, this riveting journey through the World of Personal Finance is a collection of the Top 30 Wealth Principles that Motivational Life Coach, Michael Deer has learned in 30 years. You can get it all in one month. He compiled a 30 Day Financial Boot Camp to help you apply these money tricks to give your bank account the WEALTH-EDGE. Learn why the rich keep getting richer, how Monopoly can make you millions, and how to grow generational wealth. This easy to read book is packed with compelling stories of real-life financial scenarios.
It's meant to be a quick reference for personal finance well after being read. It helps the Financial Planner stay innovative with practical tips in wealth creation, or the parent who wants to start their teenager learning about finances.

This Amazing Jam-Packed book is only

Why you need to get this great book?
  • It's Easy to read
  • Follow a simple 30 day reading plan
  • It's a great reference book after it's read
  • The digital PDF File Format is compatible with most digital devices
  • Learn the money tips to help you build wealth
  • Stories about wealthy people and how they built their fortunes
  • You can brush up your financial plan for even greater results
  • Explores the habits and mindset of wealthy people
  • It covers the full spectrum of financial planning
  • Explains why the rich keep getting richer
  • Find out why you have the income you deserve
  • It's also a 30 day financial boot camp
  • Get an edge: 30 Years of Lessons in 30 Days of Learning
  • Comprehensive & Concise Tips

FEATURED SPECIAL CONTENT: Extra value of a bonus Million-Dollar Lesson

Who this book is perfect for?
  • The Financial Planner who wants to get the creative edge in wealth management
  • The Parent who wants to get their teenager to learn about finances earlier
  • Perfect graduation or first job gift
  • Driven individual who wants a plan to match their desire for wealth
  • Anyone who wants to to make more money
  • Anyone who wants to become rich

If you fit THIS PROFILE, You need to take advantage of this opportunity.

POOR = Passing Over Opportunities Repeatidly

This Amazing Jam-Packed book is only

Remember: The greatest investment you can ever make is an investment in...


This Amazing Jam-Packed book is only

You may not have the wealth you want. You will discover, in this book, that we all unfortunately have the incomes we deserve. How do you get more money?
Start making better financial decisions!

This Means That For Less Than The Cost Of:
One pack of cigarettes,

One cholesterol-rich Fast Food Meal

Two cups of that expensive overrated coffee

You can upgrade YOUR BRAIN

and attract more money to you, than you ever could have before.

Just by cutting out one guilty pleasure that you don't need anyway.

That's what you would call...

(It's ok if you didn't think of that before...we're not born with this mindset, but it's another lesson in the book)

Let the purchase of this 30Day Wealth Book be your first "BETTER" FINANCIAL CHOICE!

Here are just some of the lessons and topics found in this thrill of an eBook:
  • Build Your Financial Literacy
  • Find And Track Your Net Worth
  • Reduce Bad Debts
  • Know Why Money Is So Important
  • Take Emotions Out Of Your Wallet
  • Don't Spend. Invest!
  • From Linear To Residual Income
  • Protect + Save + Build
  • I Agree With Warren Buffet
  • The Power To Get Wealth
  • Learn The Rule Of 72
  • Use Cash Instead Of Credit
  • ...And much more

This Amazing Jam-Packed book is only

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This Amazing Jam-Packed book is only

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